At I AM SMART S-COOL!, faculty work collaboratively to create a rich environment where children’s’ interest are valued and explored. The daily life in school focuses on each child as an active, competent learner drawing on their abilities and interests while stimulating new learning and curiosity. Our core curriculum pays attention to the growth and development of each child through their Individualized Learning Plan.

Our child-centered approach leads to the emergence of an in-depth curricular study. This integrated curriculum and hands-on approach is utilized to teach skills and concepts in Mathematics, Science, English and Language Arts, History and Social Studies, Arts, Computer Science, and Physical Education, fostering problem-solving ability and independent thinking. Every experience opens opportunities to explore the chosen topic as well as related topics, depending on the shared experience or special interests of the group. Children are encouraged to ask questions and to find the answers through research, experimentation, observation, and exploration.

The classroom teachers and specialists all work closely together to ensure that the curriculum is well-integrated and age appropriate. Our program carefully balances the integration of literacy, math, science, music and movement. Community play, math games, journal writing, yoga, and outdoor time add to the richness of the experience.

The school has been assigned a BSID number by the Ministry of Education of Ontario and is listed as a private school on the Ministry website.

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