Our school began as a very small agency for children with autism with only 5 clients in January 2013. In the 6 years since opening, we have grown into a much larger program that consists of multi-level classrooms and spaces for individualized therapies and supports. Over time, we have come to realize that not only do students with ASD benefit from our ABA based curriculum, but regularly developing children do as well, allowing us to have a very diverse classroom.

We focus on using creative thinking and logical reasoning for skill development, allowing them to take the skills they learned in the classroom and use them in the outside world. Our lessons are based on Ontario Curriculum standards using methods based heavily in ABA principles. The staff consists of teachers certified with the Ontario College of Teachers, Early Childhood Educators and therapists trained specifically in ABA therapy.

In today’s world, every child thinks and learns differently, so we provide each student with multiple forms of instruction and are given opportunities to explore many different concepts using technology and latest evidence based practices.

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Olessia Kotko Photo About UsOlessia Kotko

Founder and Director

Olessia Kotko is the founder and director of IAMSS Inc., an ABA-based facility where both direct one-on-one intervention, and group learning are done in various locations throughout the GTA. IAMSS also has an Ontario Certified private school that utilizes ABA-based methods for teaching, while closely following Ontario Curriculum Standards. Olessia is also an author of a poem for kids called “I Am Smart,” that she wrote to explain to kids that all of us have different abilities and we should respect that.

Olessia holds PhD of Education from Moscow State Regional University (https://mgou.ru/en/) with a specialization in elementary education. She worked as an associate professor at Belgorod State University (https://www.bsu.edu.ru/en/)  from 1996 – 2003. Olessia became a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) in 2013 after which she opened her private practice. At that time, I Am Smart S-Cool (IAMSS) had 5 registered clients, and no additional staff. Currently, IAMSS is employing over 20 staff to help provide services to over 50 clients to help them reach their maximum potential and become active members of society.