Our Mission

I AM SMART S-COOL!’s mission is to help children with different exceptionalities uncover their talents and be successfully integrated in everyday community life. The ultimate goal of “I AM SMART S-COOL!” is to improve the quality of our client’s life.



These are an absolute necessity to our teaching methodology. We help a child to learn using his/her most powerful reinforcers to encourage completing level-appropriate tasks and create a positive learning experience. We also believe that each and every child deserves to be praised for every small step in the right direction.

STRESS-FREE environment

We are strongly convinced that stress is the enemy of a successful learning. We have created a friendly, controlled, stress-free environment where all children feel comfortable, safe and welcome.


Our students utilize every minute of their day at “I AM SMART S-COOL!” for learning and development based on individualized goals. Our highly structured and creative routine helps maintain learning-enriched, stress-free and friendly environment, where children demonstrate their talents exceptionally well!

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Olessia Kotko Photo

Olessia Kotko, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
Director of I AM SMART S-COOL!