Boy And Girl Students


Our mission is to help children with exceptionalities to uncover their talents and to be successfully integrated in everyday community life.

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Boy And Girl Students

Private School

Faculty work collaboratively to create a rich environment where children’s’ interest are valued and explored.

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Based on the assessment we will develop an individualized learning plan for each child.
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ABA Based Curriculum Elementary & Middle Private School


I AM SMART S-COOL! is a private elementary and middle school for students with exceptionalities and is registered with the Ministry of Education of Ontario. We teach subjects from grade 1 through grade 8 using a unique Hybrid model of ABA and Creative Thinking. I AM SMART began as an Autism Treatment agency in 2013, with 5 students who came after school for 1:1 therapy to develop their communication, language and social skills. Since then we have expanded significantly, and we are now supporting more than 50 students with varying degrees of ASD, ADHD and Learning Disabilities from all across GTA, both academically and with intensive 1:1 support. All of the programs are based on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and supervised by Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, Olessia Kotko. IAMMS school works in a close collaboration with licensed speech and language pathologists and occupational therapists who provide consultation for our students on a weekly basis.


Happy Kids School


by Olessia Kotko

This book is created for my students and all of children with Autism, their families, friends, neighbours and classmates. I am deeply convinced that all of kids with Autism are very smart.This is our mission to open their talents. I hope this book will help people to better understand feelings and thoughts of a child with Autism.

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I Am Smart Book